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Like we always say on Heard Tell programs, thank you so much for giving us the most precious thing you have, your time, to join us as we try to turn down the noise of the news cycle, get to the stories and issues that really matter, skip all the nonsense and caterwauling, and try to better discern the times we live in.

With all the various writing and media stuff we have been doing and are looking to do in the future, there was a need to get a “one-stop shop” place in line for our friends to find what we are doing, be able to easily access it, discuss amongst ourselves, and share it with others. With social media landscape getting more volitile, especially the situation with Twitter which has been the main platform we’ve used, it was time to evolve to something universally accessible and stable. Substack checked all those boxes so here we are.

Along with having all the new various writing and projects, new episodes of Heard Tell in podcast and some video form will also be available here, as well as any media appearances, other folks’ podcasts, radio hits, and so on. We will also be working on getting older works and the 600-odd episodes and specials of Heard Tell Show archived here in the near future.

All the content for Heard Tell will still remain free, and will never cost you anything more than a click or two and the time you spend with it. Free subscriptions gets you everything, all the time. If you want to support, donate, and partner with the work we are doing, you can do so as well.

Thank you so much for joining us at Heard Tell, we appreciate you greatly and will work hard to keep bringing you our coverage of culture & politics, without the caterwauling.


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Heard Tell: Covering culture and politics, but without all the caterwauling. Writing & media from Andrew Donaldson