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Time and Tide and Hashbrowns: A Waffle House Christmas

Sloshing Is Not Surging: Adventures In Nikki Haley Polling

Fighting Satan for Fame, Fortune, and Jesus, Or Something

It’s The Economy, Stupid, But That Depends on Your Definition of “Economy”

Iowa, Where Political Narratives Go To Die, Gussies Up For Funerals

Beyond December 7th: A Pearl Harbor Remembrance

Repeal and Replace, Remix, Repeat

Twice on Sunday For 03Dec23

Briefly, On Henry Kissinger

We Should Talk More About Dying, Cause You Will

Napoleon And The Spasmodic Lamb Chop of Destiny

Grown Folk Talk About Career Path, Finances, Retirement, Influencer Culture, Social Security, & more

Reviewing GOP Presidential Debate, Micro Nuclear Reactors, Discussing Factions in Conservatism & more

Using '23 Elections to Prep for '24; SAFER Banking/Cannabis; DeSantis Boot Scootin' Politics & more

Lies, Darn Lies, and Modern Media Statistics

Biden's Poll Numbers; Aliens, AI, & Privacy, Oh My w/Yael Ossowski; Country Roads: German Version

Heard Tell: Mental Health From Media & News Consumption, To Suicide Prevention, & Pop Culture Trends

Heard Tell: Crisis Clarifies; No, It Ain't Christmas Yet; Helping Techers; Generational Voter Change

Fight With You At The Cheesecake Factory, You Know I Hate It There

Your Heard Tell Show For 31OCT23

Heard Tell Good Talks: The Dysfunctional CPS

The Yin and Yang and YEETing of Mike Pence

Heard Tell Good Talks w/Attorney & Writer Em Carpenter

Your Heard Tell For 26Oct23

Its The Quiet Ones You Have To Watch Out For: Mike Johnson Edition

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Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Marcos Falcone

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Dr. Jeffery Tyler Syck

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Media Appearance: The Final 5 on Fox 5 DC

Heard Tell Good Talks with Eric Suarez

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Heard Tell Good Talks: Armageddon It, In Real Life

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And, Lo, They Brought Forth to the Potluck a Bucket O’Chicken

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Heard Tell Good Talks: Ben Harris From The UK

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A Real Audience, In This Clever Place, and The Band Was Playing

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Regarding Education, We Haven't Learned A Thing

Your Heard Tell For 19Sep2023

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Gabriel Salazar Sing

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Economist Dr Alexander Salter

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Those Who Watch Over Those That Pray

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Amanda Griffiths

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Your Head Tell For 06SEP23

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ James Czerniawski

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Yael Ossowski

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Your Heard Tell For 31Aug23

Information: But Dumber, Louder, and Wetter

The Maleficent Gordon Gee and His Malfunctioning Money Machine

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Burt Likko

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Alan Elrod

Slack Tide of the Slack Jawed Also-rans

Wherefore Art Thou, Leadership? Lessons From Eisenhower and Polio On The Covid-19 Crisis

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Dennis Sanders

Your Heard Tell For 21AUG23

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Ethan Brown

Reviewing The End Of The Doolittle Raiders Story

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Dr. Bob Hutton

Columbia Up And Left Kabul

Heard Tell Good Talk with Rachel Chiu

Your Heard Tell For 16AUG23

The Biscuit of Diversity

Your Heard Tell For 15AUG23

Your Heard Tell For 14Aug23

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Sarah Stook

Good Talks: Folk Reporter Justice Hudson

A Timeless Box Full of Whistles

Your Heard Tell For 11Aug23

Lawmaker Express roars into town

Your Heard Tell For 10Aug23

Heard Tell For Wednesday, 9AUG23

Is The Rise of “Auditors” Helping Or Hurting Police Reform Efforts?

Heard Tell For Wednesday, 8AUG23

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Stephen Kent

Ketchup, Catsup, and the Curious Controversies of Condiments

Video: Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Kate Farmer

Heard Tell For Friday, 4Aug23

Don’t invite the politicians into your space

Corn Dog: The Beef Wellington of Common Folks, On a Stick

Heard Tell Show for 03AUG23

Heard Tell For Wednesday, 2Aug23

News, Notes, & Notions: How Is It August Already Edition

Heard Tell For Monday, July 31st, 2023

Heard Tell Good Talks: Dr. Michael Siegel

Quibbling Over Nomenclature Regarding the Atomic Bombings

Blue Cola Blues: The Ups & Downs of RC Cola

Heard Tell for Friday, July 28th, 2023

Heard Tell Good Talks w/ Krista Kafer

Re-up Of The "Gerontocracy" In Congress Debate

Heard Tell For Wednesday, July 24th, 2023

A Poem, A Prayer & A Promise: The Power of Take Me Home, Country Roads

Heard Tell Good Talks: Eric Garcia

Your Heard Tell For Monday, 24 July, 2023

Best of Heard Tell: Science Edition

Ten Things I Think After Watching Oppenheimer

Trump’s Classified Document Trial Scheduled

Best of Heard Tell: Mental Health

Heard Tell Update

Trump Says He Is Target of Investigation, No, The Other One

It’s all about infrastructure

Andrew Donaldson Talks GOP Primary on Indisputable w/ Dr. Rashad Richey

The First GOP Primary Poll That Matters (For Getting On Debate Stage)

Stockton Rush Needed Slapped, not SLAPP

Meetings, And The Pure, Clean, Unbridled Hatred Thereof

It’s HGTV’s Fault I Hate My Home, or Something

West Virginians must display integrity of success

On Being Served A Bad Biscuit and Offensively Bad Bacon

Asteroid City, In Which Wes Anderson Is Now Just Screwing With Us

Montani Semper Liberi: Freedom has responsibilities

Without the heart of a volunteer, nothing works

Share the joy of West Virginia